Oh friendship, it’s wonderful.

So yeah, some of you may have seen a Lo-fi version of this strip on Wednesday. It was apart of my Hourly Comics day stravaganza.Which I posted to my Twitter(@IamARG) and the I am ARG facebook Page. Basically for those that don’t know. Hourly comics day is where you draw a panel for a comic for every hour you’re awake and then post the results. I decided that my life is AWESOME and filled with video games and documented the whole thing. 17 full multipanel strips, written that day and posted an hour after wards.

Today’s strip was one such event. Me and Scorp (I call him Scorp, cuz we’re such good buds) were hanging and I was too far away. So he told me to get over there. So I did. And we hanged.

I liked this one so much that I decided that a lo fi version wasn’t good enough and wanted to UPGRADE it to ARG status. Some other funny crap happened that day too. So a couple of my favourites will be recieving the nice and proper treatment and then posted to the site for all to see!

For the WHOLE ONE OF YOU(*Cough* Carson Green*cough* )that is dissapointed that there’s not a NEW comic today, I did a Guest Spot over at LAWLS. If you like Boobies  and stuff you should check it out. PLUS IT’S IN FUCKIN’ COLOUR! Give it and Denis some love. Because that dude is awesome and deserves your love.

Have a great weekend everybody.