Don’t ever let them tell you you can’t. Don’t ever give  up hope Buddy!

Today’s strip comes with some reference for those who may not know the reference.

Been SO EFFIN’ BUSY lately. it’s crazy here in arg world. So much coming down the pipeline.

If you live anywhere near Burlington Ontario, I’ll have a Table at  Conbravo  July 27th-29th! It looks like a fun Con and I’m trying to see if I can get on a webcomics panel while I’m there. I’m planning on having a bunch of ARG merch there and I’ll be doing sketches as well.

If you can’t make it out that weekend, August 23rd-26th I’ll have an Artist alley table at Fanexpo in Toronto. I’m sorry for the american fans but this con season I can barely afford to go to Toronto area cons. Next year I hope to maybe hit the states.

Happy thursday!