Okay. I usually don’t talk all serious like in the blog but I felt it was necessary to keep you guys abreast of whats going on. So I spent most of yesterday in the emergency room at the hospital. I’ve had some weird numbness, mild pain and pressure on the left side of my body for the last couple of days, which is always cause for concern. Thankfully the battery of tests came back clean. I go for an MRI later this week to check for anything else but the consensus is that this is probably stress related. I will admit that I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. I try to not let it affect the comic or the blog posts because you guys come here for a little bit of fun. But I felt it neccesary to at least mention this.

I may need to take a break… It won’t be a long break and I’ll be sure there’s content to fill you while I’m on break. but if this is a stress related issue, I may need to just take a week to refocus and recharge.

I haven’t made any hard decisions yet. But I’ll make sure you guys are aware of it. and I thank you for your patience and concern.

UPDATE: I’ve been running around all day today so if i don”t respond to your comment I’ll try to at some point I have been reading them all and the love is again always appreciated! Thanks for your patience guys.

Thanks guys.