Today we take a trip back to the before the beginnings of Lynn and ARG’s relationship and witness one of ARG’s failed attempts to court Lynn. 

I haven’t pimped out the various places around the net that you can subscribe for up to the minute ARGness. There’s the I am ARG facebook group, My Deviant art page where I post other artwork I do and My Twitter account @IamARG (which is probably the best way to talk to me.) I post regularly there and those are the best ways to get the most recent info about the comic and anything else I’m working on.

Speaking of working on stuff, remember Vas Deferens? Well I’ve been toying around with the idea of making putting it on it’s own site and expanding the format to be more like a comic book page rather than a sunday newspaper serial style I have going now. It means re-doing the first couple of strips and expanding the story a bit. It really gives me an opportunity to play in the world a bit more. I feel like I was rushing the story beats to get to punchline. I would ideally like to get 10 strips ahead and posted for a new launch and then post a new page once a week.  This is something I’ll obviously do after the book is completed and I’m back to a full 5day ARG schedule again.  What do you guys think?