Lynn is good at math.

Also remember NU METAL?

This is my last call out to anyone who pre-ordered the book through indiegogo. I have a section in the back of the book listing everyone’s name that helped make the book printing possible. Some of you have already given me permission to list you and the proper spelling of your name, but a lot of people have yet to reply to my emails. So if you’re reading this and you pre-ordered a book and have no idea about any emails about the book consider this the last call for names. Please send an email to ARG[at]Iamarg[dot]com with your permission and the correct spelling of your name as you would like it to be printed.  I won’t print anybody’s name that didn’t give me express permission to.

The cut off day is Tuesday. After that I have to send the book out to be proofed this week and there’s very little time left to make changes.

For those of you curious I posted a new version of the cover on my Deviantart page.

Happy Monday folks!