So this past weekend Lynn and I were at Emerald City Comic Con. And I want to thank everyone that stopped by our table and said hello, bought a book or a print and chatted for a bit. It was a great con and meeting all you readers old and new was the best part about it.

On the way to emerald city, the comic had a huge bump in traffic thanks to an Imgur gallery. It is always great to see new people reading the comic. So hello all you new readers. I hope you’re enjoying yourself. With all these new eyes there was a lot of great comments complimenting the comic and showing support for the lols. I tend not to read comments (I only read the ones posted here), but Lynn decided to check them out and came across this one which became a joke the entire time we were at the convention.

 Apparently Lynn doesn’t exist or she’s two people… we haven’t figured that out yet. So today’s comic is a nice nod to a great comic parody. 

For all you new folks that have joined the comic, welcome aboard! You can follow me on Twitter at @IamARG and you can join the ARG Facebook Group where I post updates and other fun things!