Surprisingly it still had a great amount of vitamins C. Wait… no. That was Sodium.

I want to take a second here in this little blog post to personally thank all of you for your patience the last couple of months.

See, it’s a common thing in webcomics for a readership to get angry when an update schedule starts to go awry. People want more new things and they want it before they knew they wanted it. So I was starting to get worried when I was getting busy with my day job and convention prep and the updates started to get further apart. It was never my intention to let things with the comic slip, but it did. I was just overwhelmed. And you guys were nothing but patient and supportive. It’s like you guys also know what it’s like to be super busy. So thank you. It’sgreat to know you guys are awesome people and meeting you at recent conventions has only solidified that.

So, starting next week, ARG will be going back to it’s regular update schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m also going to start posting classic ARG comics to the facebook group and Twitter in an effort to share more of the comic with the world.

Again, thank you all for your patience!