I always have crazy awesome Nightmares and they usually involve Alien Invasions. I love em because it feels like I’m a part of a movie.

I have a gift for you guys! I recorded the Inking and Colouring of today’s comic and posted it on Youtube for your enjoyment. here it is embedded, but I reccomend  clicking the vid and seeing it in it’s 360p glory. Yep, A whole three hundred and sixty P’s . That’s just how we roll here at I am ARG!

If your back from the video by now. I just wanted to mention The Protomen who used some tracks on the vid. If you like Rock opera’s based around the Mega Man universe, you’ll love The Protomen.

Anywhoodles. Got a busy weekend lined up. Lot’s of drawing to get done. But it’s cool stuff, Like MORE COMICS! and some extra supah secret stuff… trust me you’ll like it. Also I have more Drawing vids I’ll uplaod to the youtubes in time.