I’ve been hooked on TV shows lately. I just started watching Homeland and I’m waiting for Inigo Montoya to declare his revenge.

Commenters! What’s your favourite show? I’m looking for great recommendations  And don’t say Doctor Who, I already know I should be watching that.

I don’t usually like to pimp out other peoples stuff in the blog but I have two very good comic buds doing some cool things that I think you might like throwing money at. (that is if you haven’t picked up a copy of I am ARG Volume One Available in two flavours in the ARG store)

First Brian Patterson of D20 Monkey is putting together his first book of strips and has started a kickstarter up for it! You should check it out.  He’s got some great rewards for you guys to take advantage of!

Secondly, My good pal Eric from HateFarm is a tremendous artist and is raising some funds by doing custom Portraits! You should really check em out. They’re top notch work.

How about that VP debate, eh folks? Have a great weekend.