Yeah you can thank my girlfriend for this comic folks, it was all her writing this one.  Well actually it was a conversation we had but she came up with the main idea.

So… This hoilday season is looking like a huge hit to my wallet. With Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Skyrim,  Skyward Sword and Mass Effect 3.  The quality coming out soon is just ridiculous. I can’t even say what I’m more excited for. I mean it’s just crazy. Arkham City is probably the game I’ll complete first. It’s got the Metroidvania feel that I just get addicted too. I loved the first one, but who didn’t.

Been trying to figure out the streaming stuff and thanks to all the people who have given help. I appreciate it.

Also I want to apologize for the downtime the site had yesterday, apparently a site of the server as mine was getting heavy malicious traffic and slowed down everything else. Thanks for the patience guys, everything seems to be fine now.

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