Trophies and medals and never really had a proud effect on me, the kind words that came with it usually made me feel better. See all my life I was surrounded by Trophies and Awards. My family has a business peddling them. I built my first trophy at like 2 and half.

This weekend has been a productive one going into this weeks fuctercluck of a week. so much work to be done and I’m maybe at 20% done. Luckily I have almost all this weeks comics done,  so no worries about missing an update this week. They’ll be up.

This thursday is FANEXPO, I’m going to check out the festivities, but mostly recon for when I start going to cons. For those who don’t know, the ultimate goal is to have a book for next may. That’s why I’m checking out the con stuff.

For now check out my twitter and my deviant art page until you can read my sweet sweet blog words.