I always wondered if people really thought that was what I was going to do… sheesh… next time I get asked… I’m doing this…

SO! Last friday I asked you guys to give me some Nerdy reasons for not banging another human. A couple of things were learned from this little experiment.

One, If we applied even half of the things that were suggested, none of us are getting laid, it’s still good though, it means we have standards.

Second, there’s a lot of doctor who fans who read “I am ARG”

Third, I need someone to proofread my comic when I have a fever. I spelled my  name wrong.

So i’ll post some of my favourites.

  • If they don’t play video games, don’t fuck ‘em. – Sammi
  • If they think Zelda is the boy with the shield and sword, don’t fuck them -Nic
  • If they think Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ is the original… -the1truesushiboy
  • If they don’t know who Buzz Aldrin is…  – the1truesushiboy
  • If they don’t have appreciation for other cultures, don’t fuck ‘em. – Sammi
  • If they have a popped collar, super greased back hair, or a super fake tan, Do Not copulate with them. – Gabe
  • If they believe those “End of the world” conspiracies, don’t fuck them. -Clyde
  • If they don’t know the difference between drawing and inking DON’T FUCK ‘EM. – brumagem
  • They think the original Star Wars movies need to keep being changed. – JimboRosenberg
  • If the listen to Nickelback instead of Five Iron Frenzy and Anamanaguchi… – LrD
  • if they don’t know who Carl Sagan is, don’t fuck them – @M_Cassar
  •  if they don’t know who Douglas Adams is, don’t fuck them – @ADaleOfDoom

That’s not all of my favourites, but I particularly enjoyed these ones. Another thing I’ve discovered is that we’ve all got passionate reasons to not be with somebody. That being said I think we should definitely give serious consideration to anybody who makes a concerted effort to meet any of our demands.


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