Oh ARG… You fourth panel breaking Scamp

So Day 2 of The Old Republic.

What I like.

The choices. I don’t even know if they really affect the story or if it’s just number manipulation, I just like having choices.

Voice acting. I actually pay attention to the quest text now.

Companions. That shit is awesome. I primarily like to level by myself and having a companion to help boost the DPS is nice.

What I don’t like.

Travelling. Maybe I’m spoiled by WoW and sure, I don’t have a mount yet, but the loading between zones just to get to be able to travel to the hub city seems too long.

Companions coming back from a  mission just as I’m about to post an auction and closing out my auction forcing me to restart the whole damn thing. Fuck that noise.

Melee seems underpowered compared to ranged. It’s just an observation and completely biased but my ranged character seems to be more powerful than my Melee character. Heck even my Companion seems to do more damage than me.