Last boxing day, My girlfriend and I went to a wal-mart looking for a copy of the newest zelda.

We couldn’t see any in the case, so she asked an employee if they had any.

“Oh, we’re out of em.”


The male employee looks at her for a couple of seconds and then asks “Do you like sports?

Um… not really.

You should play this game.

The employee hands her a copy of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics…

Trying my hand at Star Wars The Old Republic. So far it’s okay… I’m liking the solo stuff and the one big instance I did was pretty cool. I’m playing sith side right now and liking it. I’ll try my hand at Republic at some point, but you know the rules. Work comes first. The only reason I picked it up was because so many people have reccomended the solo campaign of it.

Went to a party on saturday that required everybody to drink out of things that weren’t meant to be drank out of. No cups, glasses, mugs and such. I made a lego tower and drank out of it. success! Other than an over zealous pour it worked perfectly and kept it’s contents very UN-Leaked.

also this is hilarious if you’ve got an afternoon to kill.