I suffer from season allergies and I can tell you without the aid of some form of allergy meds I’m useless to the world.

So, depending on how you count it, either yesterday or Today is 100 I am ARG Comics. Yep One Hundred of these fuckers completed. Now the way I see it is the “Tiny Tower” comic and “The Studio” comic don’t count. But in the “Brandoning” Story arc I did a double comic… Well I’m just gonna say today is 100 comics and be done with it. So Thank you everybody who has taken the time to read the comic. Thanks to those that have shown it to friends and thanks to those that have helped me along the way so far. I won’t list names because I’m sure I’ll forget somebody and I hate to exclude anybody. Let’s just say EVERYBODY has made these 100 strips a joy too make. Only 163 more comics till I have a full year’s worth of comics.

So I’ve worked almost everything I need to get prints going except for finding a solid printer.  A lot of people have given me some awesome suggestions to who I should use and I’m going to get some samples done up and decide from there.

Also, I added a link to the archives and made it a little easier to navigate. The default just wasn’t cutting it and now it should be easier to find a strip… all I need to do now is go back through the archives and relabel the old comics. Hopefully I’ll have that done over the weekend.